Founder Dr. Konrad Weiss

Dr. Konrad Weiss has founded the RWP company in 1984, since then, RWP started its rapid development under his leadership, the business has expanded to a global scale. In the United States, China, Russia, Spain, Czech Republic, Belgium, South Korea, India and other countries, RWP now has a large number of partners.


RWP's WinCast®expert software, using the finite element method, can simulate casting process, heat treatment process and forecast casting defects, so as to achieve the purpose of saving resources and improving the quality of castings. WinCast®expert software can be installed on Windows systems and Linux systems.

The services we provide are:

  • Technical support about WinCast®expert installation, entry and use
  • Simulation of casting, welding and heat treatment process
  • Casting technology related advisory services and recommendations provided by a professional, experienced team of experts